Astre – Réseau arts plastiques et visuels en Nouvelle-Aquitaine was created in June 2018 with the purpose of supporting and acknowledging creation and expression in the visual arts, making artistic production accessible to all and ensuring that the professional field of plastics and visuals arts in Nouvelle-Aquitaine is growing fairly, cooperatively and solidarily.

Astre is a network that includes members such as museums, art centres, associative galleries, art collectives, art lending libraries, artistic residency centres, documentation centres, art schools and the three Regional Collections of Contemporary Art of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. All of them support artists, producing and exhibiting contemporary art, train future professionals and developing research focused on artistic creation.

Astre and its members support creative freedom and recognition of the work of the artist. Involved in regional public policy coconstruction, Astre aims to improve the cooperation of all the players in the plastics and visuals arts sector, with particular attention given to territorial equity. Astre contributes to the regional art scene’s dynamism within national and european cooperations.


     It is the engagement of Astre’s members that allows the conception and relation of the network’s actions. The involvement of each of them into the association’s life and projects ensure its dynamism.
Astre’s actions lead to multiple collaborations mobilising the regional plastics and visuals arts sector’s players, to partnerships with other creative and territorial development sectors and to national scale cooperations.


  • Contributing to a fair, cooperative and solidarity-based development of the plastics and visuals arts sector in Nouvelle-Aquitaine ; support and reinforce cultural rights and cultural diversity.
  • Ensuring the professional structuration of the sector.
  • Bringing together the sector’s stakeholders in order to exchange best practices on creation, art production, exhibition, cultural mediation and education.
  • Supporting and promoting actions of its members to the general public.


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