Reference system for artistic remuneration in
#2022.02 version


The work of SODAVI in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and among them the exchanges on the economics of artists, have established the observation ofthe non-remuneration or the poor remuneration of artists by ignorance of the rights or by erroneous uses of the actors whether they are public or private broadcasters, communities.

The development of a regulation of artistic remuneration in the region has
thus been included as the priority project of the sector contract, signed in
June 2018 between the State-Ministry of Culture, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and Astre, a network of actors in the plastic and visual arts.

Since 2019, Astre has undertaken this work, a consultation space has been
built to bring together the members of the network (artists collectives,
broadcasters, residency or production programs) and invite national
professional organizations to participate in the definition of this reference

The CAAP (Comité pluridisciplinaire des artistes-auteurs), fraap (Fédération des réseaux et associations artistes plasticiens) and CIPAC (Fédération nationale des professionnels de l’art contemporain) have thus agreed to participate in the work.

Starting from the observation that the lack of social dialogue in the plastic and visual arts sector is regularly highlighted, this deliberately open working method was also part of a marked evolution in 2018 by the creation of the National Council of Visual Arts Professions (CNPAV).


Already presented to its members at its General Assembly in December 2019, the Astre network makes public and accessible the 2020 reference for 5 artistic activities.

Consultation is now a "permanent project of the network. Its objective is to promote the evolution of practices and a better horizontality of exchanges between artists and presenters, private and public (galleries, associations, institutions, communities).

The Astre network will set up an evaluation of the progressive application of this new reference system with the professional organizations and public partners that support this project.

The reference system artistic remuneration in Nouvelle-Aquitaine will be updated and completed every year. The indicators it includes will be updated and additional artistic activities will be filled in.

This tool is intended both for the structure or the community that pays and
for the artist who is called upon to assert his rights.


The definition of the types of activities was based on the specificities of the social regime of artist-authors.  The repository is accompanied by information specifying the framework in which artistic remuneration can
be inserted.

For each activity, parameters related to the reality of their implementation were associated for the calculation of remuneration (e.g. the different types of “public meetings”).

The definition of remuneration was based on usage, existing resources and from the threshold of annual income allowing access to all the social security coverage of the artists-authors’ scheme (equivalent to 900 times the average hourly value of the minimum remuneration).


● Right of public presentation
Given the differences in the application of the right of presentation for works belonging to public collections (collective right) and works outside collection (individual right), only the right of presentation for works outside public collections is, at this first stage of the work, taken into account. This remuneration corresponds to a copyright for the exploitation of his work and is applied by an assignment of rights. It is distinct from the costs generated by the production of a work and the expenses of the artist(s).

At least 1037€ for 15 days | 1555.5€ for 30 days then +518.5€/month additional | At least 104€/artist | In the case of ticketing specific to the exposure:
proportional remuneration of at least 3%, provided that this remuneration is higher than that indicated for each caseabove.

Public meetings

3 types of public meetings are distinguished:

  1. Conference-type oral presentation. Remuneration includes preparation time.
  2.  Participation in a debate.
  3. Required and active presence of the artist at a public time without prepared intervention (for example presence at the opening).

At least 477.40€ ht per conference.
At least 292.95€ ht per debate.
At least 141.05 € ht per required and active presence of the artist at a public time without prepared intervention.

● Hanging-montage of his work / exhibition:
This activity concerns the specific assembly of one own work and does not replace the work of the exhibition managers.

At least 246.59€ ht the day | At least 147.95€ ht the half day

● Artistic practice workshop Information on salaried work:
When an actual activity is remunerated in a framework creating a relationship of subordination (defined hours, place and means of work made available, under the responsibility of a third party…), the activity is then the responsibility of the salaried sector (see legal information).

At least 65.10€ ht per hour | At least 520.80€ ht per day (The rate of the first hour is doubled.)

● Conception of his work, follow-up or execution of his work:
This activity encompasses all phases of creation: research, study phase, first project, realization, follow-up. The minimum remuneration amount amounts to 20% of the budget allocated to the realization of the work or works and may include all the expenses related to the project and the share of fixed expenses, excluding the investment budget (equipment, real estate …).

At least 20% of the overall project budget. This percentage should be revalued upwards according to the share of the time devoted by the artist to the conception, monitoring and execution of the work.


Presentation rights
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least 1037€ for 15 days / €1555.5 for 30 days, then an extra €518.5 per month | At least 104€ per artist | In case of ticketing specific to the exhibition: proportional remuneration of at least 3% of sales, as soon as this amount is higher than the base figures indicated above.
Hanging of works
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
AAt least €246.59 per day / €147.95 for half a day (excluding tax).
Design work
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least 20% of the overall project budget. This percentage is reassessed upwards according to the amount of time devoted by the artist to the design, monitoring and execution of the work.
Public meetings : Conferences
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least €477.40 per conference (excluding tax).
Public meetings : Debates
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least €292.95 per debate (excluding tax).
Public meetings : Exhibitions
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least €141.05 (excluding tax) for each active public appearance the artist is required to make that does not involve a prepared intervention.
Artistic practice workshop
SUBTOTAL : 00.00€
At least €65.10 per hour / €520.80 per day (excluding tax). (The rate for the first hour is doubled.)

TOTAL (excluding tax): 0.00€

This frame of reference is based in particular on :

The Charter for Youth Authors and Illustrators

The recommendations of the Ministry of Culture concerning presentation rights and the hourly rate for artistic practice workshops


Correction du texte en anglais par John Ellingsworth dans le cadre du programme PARI! coordonné par On the Move avec le soutien du ministère de la Culture et de l’Institut français.

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